New Book Coming Out!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve published another children’s workbook! This one is designed to help parents and elementary-aged children strengthen their relationship together. After years of working with families as a therapist and parent coach, I’ve come to find – time and time again – just how important the connection is between caregivers and kids. So many emotional and behavioral problems are remedied by changing how the two sides relate to each other.

There are three types of parent-child dynamics that I had in mind when I created this book:

  • Parent and kiddo are frequently in conflict and need help developing smoother patterns of communication.
  • Parent and child get along relatively well, but perhaps don’t feel as close as they’d like. They may not have much in common, and/or find it tricky to relate to each other.
  • Parent and child feel good about their relationship, and simply want something fun to work through together! (It might also be that free play feels uncomfortable for one or both sides of the relationship, and structured activities are more appealing.)

If any of the above sound like you and your kiddo, this workbook might be helpful for you! Although the activities will provide opportunities to learn and practice new skills, all of them were created to be fun and engaging for children, so they won’t feel lectured at or bored during the exercises. Half of the activities are even “off the page,” meaning they’ll get you and your child moving, thinking, and talking without being glued to a book.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Exciting activities that help parents and kids learn relationship skills and build their connection (while having fun together along the way)
  • Bonus exercises at the end of each chapter to practice the skills with each other and the rest of the family
  • A GIANT list of off-the-book adventures that the family can check off together.

Topics include:

  • Building trust and safety
  • Improving communication
  • Increasing love and sense of closeness
  • Practicing problem-solving
  • Adding fun and adventure to every day life

Sometimes, adults and kids feel very far away from each other – almost as thought they’re on different planets. After working through the activities in this space-themed workbook together, they’ll feel closer and more connected. I hope you enjoy this workbook as much as I enjoyed making it. ❤

Here are the links for the ebook version and for the paperback version.

Some FAQs about the book:

  1. How does the ebook version work if it’s an activity book? About half of the activities are “off the book,” so you’ll read instructions and go off to do the exercise together, rather than having to write or draw something on the page. For the other half, you can either use the pen tool on a Kindle reader, write/draw answers on a scratch piece of paper, or even print out individual pages as needed. (To be honest, I’d op for the paperback myself, but the ebook is cheaper and works fine for a lot of people!
  2. What if my kiddo hates reading? Do you think this book could still be helpful? Definitely! While each activity comes with an introduction and instructions, it’s totally doable for the parent to read them aloud while the child follows along. A couple activities do involve asking the kiddo to read a statement, but you can absolutely adapt this to work for your family. In fact, if your child is put off by ANY activity in the book (writing, drawing, etc), please don’t force it! Modify the activity to their liking, or if they’re not having it, move on to the next one.
  3. What age group is it intended for? Elementary students from about 6-11!

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