I’ve Started a Newsletter!

I’ve decided to start a monthly email newsletter because I think it’ll be a great way to stay connected with families I’ve worked with in the past, who have since terminated therapy and moved on. After all, just because therapy has ended doesn’t mean all problems have gone away! New challenges arise all the time, and it can be helpful to have reminders of what works and what doesn’t with kids.

Second, I also wanted to start a newsletter to stay in better touch with my current clients and parents. I thoroughly enjoy my in-person consultation meetings with parents, but between meetings, it can sometimes feel as though things are getting lost in translation. My hope is that a newsletter that covers some of the same topics and strategies that I provide in consults will help the parents remember and reuse the ideas more easily, and with more confidence.

My third and final reason for wanting to start a newsletter is the hope of reaching people who never have been (and maybe never will be!) my clients. My passion is helping children to cope more successfully with their worlds while supporting parents along the way – however that looks.

To receive my monthly newsletter, visit my Contact Me page and scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your email address. Topics will cover issues related to children, teens, parenting, behavior, and effective communication. You will be able to use the unsubscribe link in those emails to opt out at any time.

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