Parent Workshop

Does your child struggle to control their anger? Are they exhibiting angry meltdowns in which they scream, throw toys, or get aggressive? If you’re starting to dip your toes into finding solutions (or alternatively, if your child’s already in therapy but you want to learn more), this webinar might help! As a play therapist, I have a lot of experience working with angry children, and I can help you understand how to respond in ways that will help extinguish the blaze – instead of adding fuel to the fire.

What you’ll learn:

  • Where anger comes from (factors we’re born with vs. what we learn from others)
  • How to know when anger has crossed the line from developmentally-appropriate challenges into being a deeper issue
  • How to shift your mindset from one of gaining immediate control to one of helping your CHILD gain control
  • Many, many strategies you can implement during all “phases” of anger: prevention (before there’s a problem), intervention (when tension is increasing and then in full swing), and “postvention” (after a meltdown or conflict, when the child is calmer).

What’s included in the price of registration:

  • A 70-minute video (accessed via private link) that you’ll have access to forever! (Closed captioning is available)
  • FAQs that I frequently receive from parents (with my answers)
  • A separate handout listing all the strategies discussed in the video with additional examples and ways to use them
  • A list of resources so you can take your learning further

Price: $40

Here’s the thing: I’m not going to promise you that the strategies in this video are definitely, 100%, without a doubt going to “cure” your child of their angry or aggressive behaviors. NO professional or webinar should ever promise you that. Addressing behavior is very nuanced – after all, I don’t know your particular child or their particular history. What I CAN promise is that I recommend these strategies to the parents I work with, and they often find them helpful.  

How to register:

I wish I had the kind of website that allowed you to have access to the video immediately upon registering; however, WordPress just isn’t that fancy. Register by typing your email in the box below and then following the payment button. You’ll receive an email with the video link and handout within 24 hours of registering!